How We’re Different from the Educational Model and Why

When folks first arrive at one of our classes they usually stop and look at the classroom. The reluctant student is enticed because our classroom doesn’t look like a typical classroom. Students are seated at tables, not at desks in rows, and the tables have colorful and touchable decorations. We appeal to all of the senses. We want to make a great first impression with our students. It is much easier to take the time to make a good impression than it is to recover from a bad one.
• The room is visually stimulating (provided in your Facilitator Kit)
• Students are encouraged to explore kinesthetic learning
• Discussions, stories, open ended questions are all provided in the Facilitator Kit
• Total student involvement creates the change


There is a reason for everything we do in our classes. We want to appeal to the person who didn’t like school, who may have felt like a failure in school and who never ever wants to be in a classroom again. Instead of expecting them to adapt to us we are incorporating their learning style into the sessions.

Students discover that the room enhancements are not arbitrary – the specific colors we use match Smart Colors and reinforce the four colors we use to identify the different personality types. Motivational signs reinforce the messages we want our students to take away with them.

We treat our students with respect. We want to hear their ideas and their input. We ask open ended questions. For example, we engage students so they can personalize the concepts.  Relevancy is important.


Students learn delayed gratification by saving Smart Work Ethics Dollars for real world rewards – such as a gas card. Our reinforcement program is designed to keep the class stimulating for all students and to help reach out to students who might be feeling insecure or who lack confidence. We don’t let students hide in the back of the room – we have ways to reach out to them and to draw them into the class.


We don’t give tests. We feel that the best measurement of our success is our students’ success in the workplace.


You may be thinking that we are going to a lot of trouble to reach these kids and you are right. Our students are usually less advantaged youth and we believe that the extra effort we are making is more than worth it if we can help these youth have better lives. Although our classes are motivational, our main goal is to help our students understand what businesses expect. We give them practical information and strategies to implement new behaviors.

A small training effort can have a big life impact for your students.

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