Punctuality Exercise

This is a simple punctuality exercise to get participants working through different scenarios involving punctuality in the workplace.


Please read all the directions first:
1) The format of this exercise is class discussion with open ended questions.


2) Read the situation to the class.


3) Ask the questions.  After each question, pause and allow students time to think of an answer.  Encourage several students to answer each question.


4) Reward each answer with a smile and a positive comment.  Positive comments include: “great idea” or “good answer.”




Use the possible answers to prompt students if they are not responding.  A prompt might be: “Could this affect your paycheck?”  After the students have responded you may include any answers they missed.


6) To get the full Smart Work Ethics effect, use tangible rewards. (We use play money that is exchanged for a gift card during the last class.)  For this sample exercise small size candy bars will work.  At the start of the exercise, tell students they will be rewarded for answering questions.


Punctuality Exercise


You own a manufacturing company.  You make WIDGETS.  The production line has ten stations and one person is needed at each station.  If a station is left unattended then the other stations are held up because each station needs attention at all times.  It takes 1 hour to start and finish making 1000 WIDGETS.


There are two employees who are often late to work.  They also come back late from breaks and lunch.  Because each station needs to have someone in attendance this slows down the production line.  The production line cannot start on time because one, or more, employees are late.
How does the company keep the production line going for the full 8 hours if the stations are not attended?
EMPLOYEE’S point of view
1) How does this affect the person who is late?
Possible answers:
• Fired
• Pay is docked
• Get yelled at
• Other workers are angry at you


BOSS’s point of view
1) Why does the boss want the production line working a full 8 hours?
2) What kinds of problems will this cause the boss if orders are filled late?


Possible answers:
• Production line is not ready when start up again-loss of production time.
• Boss wants employees to clean up/straighten up when not in production.
• Lose customers.
• Get yelled at by BIG boss.
• Quotas not met.
• Everyone on the team gets poor evaluations.
TEAM MEMBER’S point of view:


1) How does this affect other team members:
• Unit might get shut down because production got shipped to another location.
• NO bonus
• Person who is late is not liked by team members because it affects everyone’s evaluations.

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