Why We Do It

shutterstock_129624167Business and industry continue to identify the lack of soft skills as the single biggest challenge with today’s workforce.  Although employers have identified these skills as being among important compentiences workers need,  75% rank the labor pool as deficient in these skills.  Simply put, today’s workforce is not prepared to meet workplace expectations.


The Smart Work Ethics comprehensive curriculum will make a difference in the lives of others.  These soft skills are trainable.  With the proper training we should never hear the term we hear way too often…”I just didn’t know”.


An individual’s training in these skills leads to better placement, retention and advancement rates.  This creates a win-win for both employer and employee.  Employers fill their needs while avoiding the costly turnover rates and employees experience the sense of self-worth that successful employment provides.

The success of Smart Work Ethics is NOT based on one thing, but is an accumulation of discoveries that your target audience experiences!