Stimulus Money – Is it Creating Busy Work or Careers?

All over the country non profit organizations and colleges are putting together grants for the youth stimulus money. The programs created by this stimulus money will be creative and will help put our youth to work. We are all for these programs.


As the developers of a Work Ethics program we are always focused on the second phase of employment – keeping the job. The first phase is getting the job. We know that the government is looking for long term results, not just a quick fix.


We are hoping that the grant writers are looking years into the future as they write these grants. We are hoping that they are asking themselves: “What happens when the grant runs out? Are we making a long term impact for our youth?”


In our view, these grants need to help our youth gain the technical skills America needs for the future and help them develop the soft skills they need to create successful careers. Without these two criteria we may just be funding busy work.


One of the ways to foster long term results is by establishing partnerships between business and students and between business and schools. These partnerships will bridge the gap between school and work. Businesses know what technical skills will be needed in the future and can help establish the types of skills training that will be most in demand in the future. Businesses can also help by defining the non-technical skills they expect from workers. These are often called soft skills but we prefer the term Work Ethics. You can think of Work Ethics as soft skills with a specific goal in mind – keeping the job.


We hope that Work Ethics becomes the new foundation for our workforce – not just a memory. Let’s make sure the stimulus money is the boost we need to create a strong economy and a quality of life for all of us.

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